Blended Learning - The Lexemo Approach

Constantly emerging new learning programs who are based on the technique of blended learning illustrate the rising importance of online learning over the last years very well. In general blended learning is the technical term for the combination of visiting an old-fashioned classroom face-to-face with a teacher and studying online. The popularity of online tools and webinars demonstrates that many business people started preferring time-saving and efficient online-programs to improve their education and capabilities.

For that reason the question arises what the advantages of online methods like blended learning are and why they are so much more effective:

The main aspects are, as already mentioned in our last blog article, the cost efficiency and the reduction of staff. Virtual classrooms do not require special workspace and the teachers for the face-to-face lessons can teach more effectively in a shorter time because the personnel already developed the basic skills on their own and can continue practicing at home. In addition, blended learning brings a significant variety of personalized task types in order to address almost every learning type.

Another benefit is that blended learning is schedule friendly for the personnel because they can extend their skills and knowledge whenever they have time and can work in their own pace with the result that regular school attendance is not required.

This employee oriented program also enhances confidence in making mistakes, which the employees could learn from because the embarrassment of making these in class is abolished by the online learning program. Simultaneously the management gets a feedback about their employee`s capabilities and strengths.

To sum up, this form of learning is suitable for a great number of business professionals who want to improve their competencies on their own with a flexible and customized learning offer which helps them to understand the bigger picture and maintains their own way of learning.

Blended learning also forms the basis of CARA. Lexemo follows exactly this approach to support lawyers in understanding complex legal texts and make them transparent and easier understandable in order to clear the contexts of the Capital Requirements Regulation immediately. The research tool enables the optimal explanation and understanding due to mind maps and matching video tutorials. Customized training courses with tests at every unit´s end help the user to test themselves and deepen the acquired knowledge. It also allows the user to improve their knowledge about legal framework at any day- or nighttime and in their own learning speed. In combination with face-to-face lessons, the customer can profit from the blended learning technique.